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    At Further, our focus is helping people spend wisely on their health care whenever they need it – and rest easy knowing they have a partner there to help at every step. We raise the bar on everything from customer service and product flexibility to technology and consumer education. Bringing it all together, making life easier for you.
  2. Grotilar
    Further definition is - farther. How to use further in a sentence. farther vs. further Synonym Discussion of further.
  3. Kagajora
    1. more distant Now we live further away from the city centre. 2. more, to a greater extent, to a greater degree These skills are explained further under Key Concept 4.
  4. Kigabar
    Feb 19,  · Further definition, at or to a greater distance; farther: I'm too tired to go further. See more.
  5. Kabar
    Further, the native who gave all the information to Mr. Monger was one of our party. But as he was gone out of reach, no further inquiries were made after him. Kate's anxieties, when she at last hinted them to Malbone, only sent him further into revery. For further assets, he possessed one eye and a twisted smile.
  6. Akinorr
    Some usage guides teach that farther refers to physical distance and further to figurative distance, but it might be better to let your ear guide you. Historically, these words have been interchangeable with regard to distance, but for other parts of speech there are clear favorites.
  7. Maukasa
    Jul 24,  · What’s the difference between farther and further? To put it simply, the separation lies in the difference between a literal distance or goal and a metaphoric one. According to Merriam-Webster, “.
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