1. Nikom
    Independent Australian cassette label active between - TOY34 was the last release. Following releases were non-music: TOY5 King Sid (fanzine) - TOY7 Art Pak (novelty gift) - TOY8 Toytown (T-shirt) - TOY9 The Wash Daddies (T-shirt) - TOY10 Stinky Fire Engine (T-shirt) - TOY34 Mnemonic Hi Fi #1.
  2. Akinorn
    Dec 08,  · Morning at chita's house! Tio Fermin playin w/fire! ahh!! and the rest of the gang was in the living room.
  3. Faetaur
    After seven years, the band settled on members Fenton, Jarvis, and Marlow, and Taylor. In , the band made its first album, 'Automatic', which was released independently. The album led to much success for the band and produced a new group of listeners. With its punk rock sound, the group signed with the Murmur record label in
  4. Vonos
    There were only a handful of venues willing to host a ramshackle band like The Ampersands and all of us worked full-time so it was hard, for example, to be at The Punters Club Hotel at p.m. on a Tuesday when the guy who booked bands wanted to meet with anyone looking for gigs.
  5. Nerr
    Jan 24,  · Engine 30 responding to a working fire in Susquehanna Township.
  6. Mikashicage
    Nov 14,  · Firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire where no one was living, and there were no utilities to the home. Waterloo crews .
  7. Keshakar
    Realising that the bubble must burst inevitably, The Twiliters disbanded at the end of the TV series with Maguire returning to University. The Twiliters’ story had a tragic footnote. With an offer to tour the top end and American army bases in the Far East the trio back together late in , however, the reunion proved brief and painful.
  8. Faunos
    Sep 08,  · On Toytown I also released a number of compilations and also albums by Mesmo (a later version of Matrimony), The Hanshalf Trio, various US bands (The Ah Club, Land of the Loops, Sukpatch, Kittycraft) as well as my two bands Stinky Fire Engine and The Wash Daddies, and also a few releases by The Cat's Miaow (these now on CD) and some others as well.
  9. Sagul
    Nov 11,  · Next time you see someone wait too long to pull over for a fire engine, their fancy car may be to blame. Cars are better at keeping out sound than ever before, which can be .

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